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Texas Chainsaw Massacre "Hammertime" Photo Signed by Allen Danziger

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Photo of Jerry getting killed by Leatherface in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre signed by "Jerry", Allen Danziger

One of the Top Ten Screams in Horror Films!

Some background:

I did not see Gunnar Hansen as the terrifying Leatherface until my death scene. In order to get myself ready to die, I had them blindfold me until they were ready to shoot my shocking death scene. It was my nod to the  Stanislavski acting method. I did such a good job of working myself into a lather that I started screaming even before the frightening scene where Leatherface came into my view with his heavy hammer raised to hit me. Tobe had to yell "CUT!" several times, attempting to calm me down. After several scary takes, they finally got the shot that they wanted. Even now, some 50 years later, I still get terrible headaches thinking about that blow. (just kidding!) 

After the filming was over, Gunnar Hansen and I became good friends and he stayed with me for the summer, before moving to Maine. It was a big blow to me, when I sadly learned of his passing from pancreatic cancer in 2015.

The watermark is not on the autographed photo.