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  • I Didn't Know What to Expect!

    I did not see Gunnar Hansen as the terrifying Leatherface until my death scene. In order to get myself ready to die, I had them blindfold me until they were ready to shoot my shocking death scene. I did such a good job of working myself into a lather that I started screaming even before the frightening scene where Leatherface came into my view with his heavy hammer raised to hit me. Tobe had to yell "CUT!" several times, attempting to calm me down. After several scary takes, they finally got the shot that they wanted.

  • How I Got Involved in TCM

    I was living in Austin, Texas and my neighbor had introduced me to Tobe Hopper. Having the good fortune of meeting influential director Tobe Hooper who put me in his first feature film Eggshells, he then cast me as Jerry the wise-cracking van driver in Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Shooting took place in the summer of 1973 in brutally hot and humid Texas conditions. Imagine seven or eight people in a van with no AC, lights, and 100-degree temperature and you get the picture. Despite these harsh conditions, I loved every minute while making the movie.

  • The Van

    Coming soon, we will have a restored Texas Chainsaw Massacre Van for you to enjoy! Stay tuned for more more information!

Jerry Meets Leatherface